I guess you have more…

“I guess you have more legs than a snake.”
-Abby (to Phyllis)


I just had a dream…

“I just had a dream that we were celebrating your birthday with dinner and a movie and we were at dinner and I let this guy with a 375lb cat (he told me how much it weighed) let the cat sit on your neck and you were laughing but progressively less because you weren’t getting enough air.
Moral: Apparently for your birthday I gave you death by cat instead of dinner and a movie.”

(Text from Elise to Kenzie)

Hang on, I have to…

“Hang on, I have to go in the cat pit– where’s my hockey mask?”


Phyllis, do you like it…

Katie: Phyllis, do you like it when grandmas eat your ears?
Kenzie: DO YOU?!
Sarah: You can’t even do anything because you don’t have thumbs!


Phyllis couldn’t care less what you think.



For the small price of…

“For the small price of infidelity, this could all be yours.”
-Phyllis (to Zane)


Majestic. Regal. Phyllis.

“Majestic. Regal. Phyllis.”
-Kenzie (to herself)