Skippy loved to skip stones in the lake.

One day, Skippy encountered something interesting on his way to the lake.

He had encountered, at last, his greatest enemy: Skippy saw, in front of him in the lake, a clown.

The clown wielded a cotton candy sword and a flower shield. Yet that did not remove the terror on his face evident by his dripping make-up.

Suddenly, a wild drag queen appeared to help him fix his make-up. And thus, the show went on, with him clinging to the Handlebars of Fierceness.

“Mmmm girl, work it,” Tyra called out from the audience. Emboldened, he pranced about the stage and began his monologue. “Romeo, oh, Romeo! Wherefore art thou oh Romeo?”

Juliet was not amused. “Romeo, why can’t you be more like my new boyfriend, Fabio? He never muses about his own existence. What a waste of time.”

Romeo just laughed scornfully in Juliet’s face. “Fabio is a fool, and you are a fool for falling in love with a fool. You fool.”

“I am no fool,” she replied. “You are a fool for falling in love with me. For in reality, I am a man!”

The zebra snickered sinisterly. “This is the end,” he whispered, as he lovingly stroked the coyote’s ears.

The deed was done quickly, and when skinned and dried the coyote skin made a wonderful coat. Donning the skin, the zebra entered the coyote society as its king.


These stories are collected from two evenings of collective story-telling at the theme house. Authors are credited in the tags.


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