The last man on Earth had run out of ice cream.

“Now,” he said to the empty city, “I know it is my time to die.”

Death was the fate of all, in the end.

A fact, which goes without saying- especially when you are dead.

When you are mostly dead, now that is a different story.

Then you can still be revived with a good set of billows and the use of trigger words and chocolate.

However, chocolate has many other uses. Including baptism.

In Presbyterian circles, chocolate is commonly acknowledged as the only true path to righteousness.

Chocolate has also been used in aforementioned circles as an alternative for wedding rings.

Which is a cheaper way to propose, too, when diamonds are out of the price range.

Sadly, she said “no.”

So he went home and put on his Crocs.


These stories are collected from two evenings of collective story-telling at the theme house. Authors are credited in the tags.


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