It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

As prosperity flowed, so did the blood of the innocents.

The people decided to forge an entire armory of steel weapons to fight back against the monarchy.

And one boy, seated on the stiff shoulders of Comrade Defoe sang his song, “Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men…”

“Stop!” called the director. “That is the wrong musical. Let’s try again from the top!”

“I REFUSE!” He cried, and threw down his feathery hat and tore off his flowing cape.

Jeremiah would never lower himself to such a degrading activity.

Unlike Jeremiah of the Bible, who would lower himself to the depths of a well.

He decided to do the other thing.

Which was not the first thing.

And with such volition men move forward in the business world.

One became a banker, another a lawyer and a third a politician. But it is the 4th who did something truly amazing.

The fourth man became an ice cream taster, and was happier than the banker, lawyer, and politician combined.

Unfortunately, the ice cream taster soon died in a tragic accident.

A true brain freeze overtook him, as pint after pint passed between his lips to embrace his immaculate pallet, slowly dulling all in the world that did not contain sugar and dairy became a mere memory.


These stories are collected from two evenings of collective story-telling at the theme house. Authors are credited in the tags.


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