No one has yet heard the story of Ian Stenerson.

But now I will break my vow of silence and tell you of his downfall, which led him to sell lemons on the corner for a nickel.

He was forced to sell lemons as a punishment for his actions. As further punishment, he had to eat everything he had not sold by the end of the day.

He ate so many lemons that his mouth was permanently puckered and his mood permanently sour.

A similar occurrence has been studied with grapefruit, but with lemons the symptoms are more pronounced.

Side effects include bitterness, canker sores, a desire for H2O, and feelings of impending death.

So, obviously, this was not rabies.

That involves foaming at the MOUTH.

She had never encountered such a bad case of rabies before. Or maybe it was tetanus. She didn’t know. She hadn’t been a doctor very long.

The two had very similar symptoms, so she treated the patient for both diseases, hoping that he would live until the morning.

Unfortunately the mixed medication had interesting effects on the patient. Mostly he began singing opera.

And now everyone else needs medication, too.


These stories are collected from two evenings of collective story-telling at the theme house. Authors are credited in the tags.


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